The Art of Living in Oconee County Georgia

Living in Oconee County, Georgia for over 25 years, I have a great love for all that it has to offer. Oconee has great art, and great living right here in Oconee County Georgia.

I am Laura Leiden, an artist, REALTOR(R), and businessowner living in Oconee County. I would like to provide an insider's view of living in Oconee County Georgia. I have lived in the Watkinsville area for over twenty five years. Though I will never be considered a native (smile), I believe I can offer a perspective to those who want to know more about living in Oconee County.

OCONEE COUNTY Georgia is beautiful with its rural setting. While many farms are being developed into subdivisions, you can still see large areas of green fields and grazing farmlife. Walks at Oconee County’s Herman Michael Park overlook farms with llamas, cows and even buffalo. Many farms are still active with cattle, cotton and peaches.

REAL ESTATE IN OCONEE COUNTY, Georgia: While property values have decreased a lot across the nation in the last couple of years, Oconee County real estate has maintained a lot of its value. It still offers a lot of house for the dollar and a lovely quality of life that is hard to beat. THE ARTS IN OCONEE COUNTY Georgia: The arts are alive and well in Oconee. In fact, I believe we could be called an artist colony. Thanks in large part to Happy Valley Pottery, who over thirty years ago had the vision to open their property for a while as a cooperative live-in potter arrangement. This caused many potters, including my husband, to move into the area. And they stayed. Now the arts are well supported by OCAF, an acronym for Oconee Cultural Arts Foundation It is a lovely exhibition area and art school that has been resurrected from an old schoolhouse by lots and lots of volunteer hours.

LOOKING FOR A REALTOR WHO KNOWS OCONEE COUNTY? Laura Leiden is a REALTOR with Keller Williams Realty Greater Athens.

ARTIST OF OCONEE COUNTY Georgia: Laura Leiden, an Oconee County artist, is also known for her original paintings. They are abstract acrylic/ mixed media and can be seen at Laura Leiden exhibits internationally and will be part of an international artist group called The Weave who will be exhibiting at OCAF in Watkinsville October 2- November 12, 2005.

OCONEE COUNTY SCHOOLS: We are proud of our school system and have become known for its excellence. This benefits both the children and the property values of the area. One of the ways I like to describe Oconee County Schools, is that as a parent, I feel that I am on the same side as the teachers.

Oconee County Georgia is a great place to live and to visit.